Broached Slots and Turbine Disk Inspection and Measurement

The Perfect Solution For Turbine Disk Inspection and Broached Slots

There are many reasons why the VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator is widely used by manufacturers in the aerospace and power generation industries for the inspection of turbine disks:

  • Automatically compare turbine disk fir trees directly against their CAD data (no more overlays!).
  • With its proprietary CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools (Patents Pending), the system can inspect turbine disks completely automatically!
  • Demonstrated accuracy down to +/-0.0001" in real-world applications, directly on the shop floor!
  • The system supports both uniform and variable tolerances. You can apply tighter tolerances on pressure faces and looser tolerances elsewhere. Tolerances can be made to vary gradually between different zones.
  • Also ideal for the inspection of blisks, EDM slots, and other aerospace engine components.
  • Eliminate operator subjectivity!
  • Much faster than traditional approaches.
  • Automatically collect measurements, statistics, images, and other data for complete documentation.
  • The system is not limited to the camera's field-of-view; It can compare a part to its CAD data across the entire stage travel. So even large parts can be checked at high magnification.
  • With its extended optical depth-of-field and Auto-Focus tool, the system is perfectly suited to deal with the challenges of broached slots and turbine disk inspection and measurement.
  • Automatically measure and display deviations from nominal and quickly identify out-of-tolerance areas.
Fir trees with variable tolerances during turbine blade inspection
Variable tolerances support is ideal for turbine disk fir trees
inspection of a blink with VisionGauge Digital Optical Comparator
Also ideal for the inspection of blisks and EDM slots
Auto Pass/Fail inspection of a turbine disk fir tree with CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™
Proprietary CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto-Pass/Fail™ tools

The VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator is rapidly becoming the new standard for inspecting turbine disks and broached slots in the aerospace and power generation industries.

Download a .pdf version of this VisionGauge® Digital Optical Comparator Application note here.


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