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Installation of the FlashPoint 4XL framegrabber

To install the FlashPoint 4XL board, complete the following steps:

Software installation part 1 (installing the setup software):
Please note, Windows Vista is not yet supported by the FlashPoint boards.

  1. Run the setup.exe installation program from the included FlashPoint 4XL cd. Use all default settings.
  2. Enter the Windows Device Manager, and under Display Adapters, disable all existing display adapters in the system.
  3. You may need to enter the BIOS to set the default video adapter on startup to PCI.
  4. Shut down the computer when finished.

Hardware installation:

  1. Disconnect all attached equipment and the power cord. Remove the computer cover.
  2. Install the FlashPoint card in the first (topmost) expansion slot. Firmly insert the FlashPoint board into the empty expansion slot in the computer. Secure the board in place.
  3. Reassemble the computer. Ensure the monitor cable is placed on the FlashPoint's 15-pin VGA connector.
  4. Reboot the computer. Cancel the Hardware Wizard if it appears.

Software installation part 2 (installing the display drivers):

  1. Download the display drivers from here. Note: these are the 2002 version of the display drivers as advised by Integral Technologies.

  2. Unzip the downloaded display drivers to an empty directory in a known location.

  3. To install the display driver, enter the System Device Manager in Control Panel – System. Under the Hardware tab, open the Device Manager.

  4. Under the Display Adapters list, you should have an entry for the FlashPoint board (or an S3 Savage entry). Any other display adapters should already be disabled. Right-click on the FlashPoint entry and choose “Update Driver”.

  5. Choose the option to select the driver you wish to install, and indicate you have the disk for the installation. Browse to the appropriate folder you extracted in step 2. Select the” S3SSAV.inf” file.

  6. Click OK if Windows prompts you about Driver Signing and Security.

  7. Restart the computer.

  8. Under the Display Properties window (right-click on the Desktop and select Properties, then the Settings tab), click the Advanced button. Under the Troubleshooting tab, lower the Hardware Acceleration to one notch below full. Also, many users have found that unchecking the box for “Enable Write Combining” has give improved video performance in VisionGauge. 


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