Optical Comparators (Profile Projectors)

Optical comparators play an important role in several industries. They enable the accurate inspection and measurement of different parts and components. These machines provide operators with quantifiable data vital to business operations.

VISIONx, Inc. offers a large selection of advanced digital optical comparators equipped with our proprietary technology. Our devices feature unique systems that fit a wide range of applications. Check out our comparator systems and find which one fits your needs best:

What Is an Optical Comparator?

An optical comparator, also known as a profile projector, is a measuring apparatus typically used in the manufacturing industry. Its main function is to inspect, measure, and compare the dimensions of different manufactured parts. Optical comparators use lenses, mirrors, and illumination to project a magnified silhouette of a part. Learn more about what an optical comparator is and how to use it.

Optical comparators inspect, measure, and compare the dimensions of manufactured parts

Benefits of Our Optical Comparators

VISIONx, Inc. carries a wide selection of digital optical comparators suitable for various applications. Compared to traditional optical comparators, our VisionGauge® systems offer multiple benefits, such as:

  • Increased accuracy: Our digital comparators can automatically conduct detailed measurements and inspections. They eliminate operator-to-operator variations, ensuring accurate data and reducing the risk of human error.
  • Higher throughput: The system can run swiftly and fully automatically, allowing manufacturers to conduct more measurements in less time.
  • Optimized workflow: VisionGauge® digital comparators work directly with your existing CAD data. Our advanced patented technology provides detailed documentation of data, statistics, and pass/fail results for a streamlined process.
  • Cost efficiency: VisionGauge® systems remove the need for costly overlays. This function significantly reduces the operator's expenses on Mylar production and labor costs while minimizing downtime.
  • Ease of use: Whether for manual or fully automated operations, the VisionGauge® systems are extremely easy to use and operate. The software is also customizable to your specifications, ensuring correct and consistent results for your industry.
  • A smaller footprint: Our VisionGauge® devices are compact and versatile, taking up less space. The systems are designed to allow you to conduct measurements and inspections straight from the shop floor.

Applications of Digital Optical Comparators

VisionGauge® digital optical comparators support many applications and industries. To name a few, these versatile devices are suitable for applications and industries, including:

  • Aerospace: Optical comparators measure various parts in the aerospace and aeronautics industries, such as turbine disks, slots and blade fir trees, cooling holes, and seal slots.
  • Automotive: The automotive industry uses comparators to inspect and measure components, such as electrical connectors, gears, and valves.
  • Defense and Military: The defense and military sectors use a comparator machine to inspect parts with holes and slots. The device tracks the number of holes and inspects their location and geometry.
  • Medical Manufacturing: Optical projectors inspect a variety of medical devices and procedures, such as stents, medical rasps, implant screws, and orthopedic implants.
  • Power and energy: The power and energy sectors benefit from comparators when inspecting turbine components and mico-holes, as well as verifying the presence and exact location of different hole types.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Optical Comparators

Do I Need Overlays for My Measurements?

VisionGauge® systems eliminate the need for mylar overlays when conducting inspections and measurements. Our advanced patented technology lets you work directly with your existing CAD data.

How Does Your Optical Comparator Ensure the Accuracy of Measurements?

Our systems are designed with high-accuracy measurements in mind and include high-quality components and advanced VisionGauge® software features such as sub-pixel measurements, Auto-Focus, and more. Our patented CAD Auto-Align™ and CAD Auto Pass/Fail™ tools automatically examine parts and provide data within seconds, ensuring objectivity in all inspections. Learn more about the accuracy of our optical comparators.

How Do I Know if the VisionGauge® System/Software Matches Standard Applications in My Industry?

Our in-house application engineers will work with you and your team before and after the sale. We can customize and adapt systems to ensure they meet your needs and match specific industry standards.

Choose VISIONx for Your Optical Comparator Needs

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