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High Precision Measurements and Measurement Statistics

Powerful & easy to use:

VisionGaugeŽ is a powerful tool for non-contact visual measurements. It uses advanced edge-detection technology that produces sub-pixel accuracy, increases measurement repeatability and virtually eliminates operator dependent measurement error.

VisionGaugeŽ is very simple to use and supports a wide range of measurement tools: from simple point-to-point measurements, diameters, radii, angles and XY calipers to skew-corrected parallel hashlines and powerful and flexible marker-to-marker measurements, as well as fully-automated measurement software tools (e.g. line width).

Computing measurement statistics:

You can use VisionGaugeŽ to compute measurement statistics, including sample mean, median, minimum and maximum, variance and standard deviation, as well as process capability statistics (i.e. Cp and Cpk). With VisionGaugeŽ, it is easy to manage all of your data (i.e. images, measurements and statistics):

  •  Link, store and recall all of your data with the easy-to-use integrated database and report generator

  • Save the information to disk

  • Print the information

  • Seamlessly transfer the information to other application


Here is an example of a simple marker-to-marker measurement. In this case, we are measuring from the center of the hole to the center of the pad. X, Y and "straight line" distances are shown:

VisionGauge - Computer software for visual inspection and high precision measurement
Measurement Statistics:
Num.: 35
Min.: 0.01394 inch
Max.: 0.01399 inch
Mean: 0.01397 inch
Median: 0.01397 inch
Variance: 0.00000 inch ^2
Std. Dev.: 0.00001 inch
Process Capability:
Upper specification limit: 0.01410 inch
Lower specification limit: 0.01380 inch
Cp: 3.96458 inch
Cpk (+): 3.49459 inch
Cpk(-): 4.43457 inch

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