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Image Processing Software Tools for Image Analysis

Powerful & easy to use:

VisionGauge® has a broad set of powerful and easy-to-use image processing software tools that allow you to "clean-up" images that cannot be properly dealt with by the image analysis tools and transform them into imagery that can be successfully analyzed reliably.

For example, the images below illustrate the dramatic improvement obtained by proper image pre-processing using VisionGauge’s® noise reduction and uneven illumination correction tools.

As can be seen in Image 2, it is impossible to apply a unique threshold value across the entire image to successfully extract the objects from the image background. However, Image 5 shows that - using VisionGauge’s® Counting & Sizing tool - the objects can be separated easily & reliably from the image background after applying VisionGauge’s® noise reduction & uneven illumination correction tools.

Image Processing for Image Analysis with VisionGauge(r)

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