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Counting & Sizing (Blob Analysis)

Powerful & easy to use:

VisionGauge’s® powerful and easy-to-use "Counting & Sizing" feature will let you analyze particles, grains, inclusions, cells and other similar objects.

You can separate the objects from the image background based on either red, green or blue channel values as well as luminance, intensity, hue or saturation values. Using both lower and upper limits, you define where the objects are located in the histogram. Once you have set this range, you can also set limits on the object area. Once again, both lower and upper limits are available (i.e. you can instruct VisionGauge® to only consider those objects that have an area greater or equal to a certain lower limit and smaller or equal to a certain upper limit).

Counting & Sizing

You can define a region of interest in order to limit the "Counting & Sizing" tool’s scope to a user-selected portion of the image rather than the entire image. These limits can be entered manually or drawn directly onto the image. This blob analysis software tool can also be instructed to remove individual particles from the sample and to disregard any objects that touch region of interest’s borders.

The "Counting & Sizing" tool can also be used to obtain information about individual objects. You can easily obtain the area, projection, and the equivalent diameter of an object simply by clicking on it.

All of these adjustments are very easy to carry out because, as you work and refine the different parameters, VisionGauge® interactively updates all of the numerical results and graphs as well as the image of the individual objects. Results include the number of objects, the minimum, maximum, average and median object areas, as well as the object area distribution curve.

Counting & Sizing Blob Analysis)

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