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High-Resolution Cable Cross-Section Inspection and Measurement Systems

VisionGauge high-resolution cable cross-section inspection and measurement systems are designed to carry out high-accuracy automatic measurements of multi-strand cables. Measurements include:

  • Insulator thickness over every outer strand

  • Minimum insulator thickness

  • Cable outer diameter

  • Inner diameter (i.e. best fit through the point of minimum insulator thickness on each outer strand)

  • ID / OD concentricity

  • Insulator area

All of these results are obtained by pressing a single button, in just a few seconds. Furthermore, the measurements are completely operator independent.

These cable measurement systems can accommodate cables with any number of strands.

The VisionGauge software that runs these systems has a very simple and intuitive interface. You can use it to quickly and easily compute statistics, plot graphs and charts and send measurement data to other software and database applications across your network.

These cable and wire measurement systems are very rugged and well designed. They can be used on either the production floor or in the quality-control area and they require virtually no maintenance.

Standard configurations can accommodate cables and wires up 1.7" in diameter and produce measurements with a resolution of 0.0001" (i.e. 2.5 um). Non-standard configurations are also available.

Cable Measurement Systems

Cable Insulator Thickness Measurement
Insulator Thickness

ID, OD, Concentricity Cable Measurements
ID, OD, and Concentricity

Electric Cable Insulator Area Measurement
Insulator Area

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