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Semiconductor Wafer Inspection and Automated Flaw Detection

Semiconductor Wafer Inspection and Automated Flaw Detection

Our VisionGaugeŽ Online Automated Optical Inspections Systems (AOI Systems) are high accuracy tools for automated defect detection, measurement, and inspection. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, thorough final inspection of wafers is a critical part of the production process; our AOI systems are designed to help you obtain the best results possible.

These systems are highly capable when dealing with great magnification, and they posses accuracy up to 0.1 micron. These systems are fully automated and can be programmed to move in a three-dimensional set of coordinates. Furthermore, you can use the system manually with the help of a joystick through our easy to use VisionGaugeŽ Online machine vision software.

VisionGaugeŽ Online includes many features to make your automated flaw detection and semiconductor wafer inspection effective and efficient. You can easily create your own programs using VisionGaugeŽ OnLine to teach the machine how to perform the inspection. The software is capable of auto-focus, which provides you with accurate and highly repeatable results. In addition, VisionGaugeŽ Online's auto-scan tool is capable of automatically detecting any flaws on the wafer. These systems are available with reflected or direct lighting.

VisionGauge Automated Optical Inspection systems for automated flaw detection

You can automatically save measurement and inspection results, save the images for "Pass" or "Fail" parts of the wafer, control input and output signals based on inspection results, and even automatically create reports with this information. For any semiconductor wafer inspection and flaw detection needs, VisionGaugeŽ software and systems are right for you.

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