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In June 2011, we moved to a new facility with approx 10,000 sq. ft of combined office, manufacturing and assembly space. This allows us to regroup all of our activities under a single roof.

Our new office is located in the Pointe-Claire industrial park, a short 10 minute drive from the Montreal International Airport. It has ample parking, up-to-date HVAC and includes:

  • a reception area, 
  • large, well lit offices, 
  • a conference room, 
  • a showroom where we can carry out product demonstrations,
  • a full machine shop, very well equipped with up to date equipment, 
  • a clean temperature-controlled assembly area where we assemble, configure and test complete systems before shipping them to customers,
  • a large shipping area, 
  • ample inventory and storage areas (wherew we keep a complete supply of spare parts, etc...),
  • an extensive lab where we carry out tests on customer samples,
  • a kitchen and all of the other facilities that you would expect...

In our lab, we have many different types of cameras (area scan, line scan, CCD, CMOS, color, grayscale, analog, digital, low resolution, high resolution, high speed, low speed, megapixel, etc...) a broad selection of  lenses and optical elements (polarizers, filters, collimators, etc...) and a wide variety of illumination modules (oblique, on-axis, diffuse, bright field, dark field, quartz-halogen, fluorescent, LED, dome, line, dot, etc, etc, etc...) to tackle a wide range of applications.

Our lab also has anti-vibration work surfaces that allow us to work at very high-magnification and achieve maximum accuracy in applications that require this. 

Our lab has everything that we need to carry out extensive feasibility and performance tests on customer samples.

For our address, directions, maps, etc, please follow this link.