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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 7 - June 2005

What can VisionGauge® products do for you?
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Automatic Inspection Systems and High Accuracy Measurement of Medical Devices

Automatic High-Accuracy Measurement and Inspection of Medical Devices

VisionGauge® OnLine software and systems are used for automatic high accuracy measurement and automatic final inspection of different types of medical devices such as stents, prosthetic valves, angiography catheters, guide wires, etc... VisionGauge® OnLine is capable of carrying out many different types of dimensional measurements on these devices including ID & OD measurements. And, of course, VisionGauge® OnLine is also capable of computing "running" statistics, creating graphs, plots & charts, exporting data to other applications, etc...

Automated Feature Detection & High Accuracy Location

VisionGauge® OnLine's powerful Pattern Matching tools can be used to automatically detect and very accurately locate arbitrary features. In the automotive industry, for example, VisionGauge® OnLine can be used to locate different types of registration holes, even in the presence of: partial occlusion (i.e. when they are partially hidden), varying contrast (because of variations in background material), variable illumination, etc... VisionGauge® OnLine's Pattern Matching tools are easy to setup, they are extremely fast and they produce very accurate results.

VisionGauge Online pattern matchingVisionGauge Online pattern matchingVisionGauge Online pattern matchingVisionGauge Online pattern matchingVisionGauge Online pattern matchingVisionGauge Online pattern matching

High-Accuracy Automatic ID / OD Measurements

Automatic High-Accuracy ID - OD MeasurementsAutomatic High-Accuracy ID - OD Measurements

VisionGauge® OnLine can be used to automatically carry out ID and OD (i.e. inside diameter and outside diameter) measurements of parts with outside walls. With VisionGauge® OnLine, these measurements are very fast and results are extremely accurate.

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