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VisionGauge and VisionGauge Online Application Newsletter

Vol. 9 - April 2006

What can VisionGauge® products do for you?
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High Resolution, Stage Based Color Imaging Systems

High-resolution color imaging systemBottle seal inspections at different zoom levels

VISIONx has supplied a very high resolution, stage based, color imaging system.  The system is being used in the pharmaceutical industry to carry out various types of high resolution inspection and measurements.  For example, the system is being used to inspect the seals on bottles as shown in the images.

The system has an 8" X 8" travel and is capable of imaging large components. With its 3000 X 2208 pixel resolution, the system is able to finely resolve even very small defects.

VisionGauge® OnLine Automated Defect Detection Systems Used to Review Images of Semiconductor Products

Automated Semiconductor Defect DetectionVisionGauge® OnLine has recently been applied in semiconductor defect detection by a printer manufacturer to automatically review stored sequences of images and find any defects that might be contained in the images. In this application, the images are of various semiconductor products produced by this manufacturer.

VisionGauge® OnLine can be asked to handle sequences of up to 22,000 images in a single run.  This is not a problem for VisionGauge® OnLine as there are no limits to the number of images that it can handle.  VisionGauge® OnLine is initially trained using "known good" images of the various types of products to inspect.  It is then able to automatically detect defects and non-conformities. Images that VisionGauge® OnLine characterizes as "good" are ignored and "bad" images are collected for operator review and corrective action. Statistics of VisionGauge® OnLine’s analysis are also collected (i.e. defect rate, etc…)

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