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Installation of the FlashPoint 3D display drivers and setup software

Installing these drivers is a two-part process. Before proceeding, please extract the files to an empty directory. 

(Part 1)

-- Install the board in an empty slot in the computer. Slot 1 is usually the best position for the FlashPoint cards. Start the computer. If the "Add Hardware wizard" appears, cancel out of it.

-- Go to the Device Manager. (you can go through [Control Panel | System] OR Right-click on My Computer and choose either Manage or Properties | Hardware then choose Device Manager).

-- From the list of devices in the Device Manager, open "Display Adapters". You might have a few options, including an onboard display adapter and the framegrabber adapter. The framegrabber adapter will be the 'S3 Savage' option.

-- Right-click the framegrabber display adapter and choose 'Update Driver'.

-- Choose to Install the drivers "from a specified location" and hit 'Next'; then, select "Do not search - I will choose a location" and click 'Next'; choose "Have Disk" and browse to the original installation CD for the framegrabber or to the directory to which you unzipped the downloaded drivers. If you have Windows 2000, NT, or XP, navigate to the WinNT folder of this directory and choose the s3Savage.inf file. Hit OK. If a window opens about "driver signatures", press OK.

-- Close the Device Manager.

(Part 2)

-- From the directory to which you unzipped the drivers or from the original installation CD, run the "Setup.exe" file. This will install the display drivers for the framegrabber and software to test the operation of the framegrabber.

-- During the installation choose all defaults, and when the installation is finished, restart the computer.

If you do have onboard display, you may have to disable this display adapter in the Device Manager before you are able to obtain an image from the framegrabber display adapter. If something goes wrong after the onboard display is disabled, you can always re-enable it in Safe Mode. (To disable: First navigate to the Device Manager. Then under Display Adapters, select the onboard adapter (usually Intel) and right-click it. Select Disable device. When you restart the computer, you may plug the monitor cable into the framegrabber instead of the onboard display.)

Also, If you are using an non-integrated video adapter in a PCI or AGP slot, you may have to remove this board and use the display capabilities of the FlashPoint card to ensure proper functioning. 

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