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FAQ #4.2: 

I am able to properly calibrate VisionGauge®, but for some reason I seem to be having a problem saving the system calibration in the Calibration Toolbox. When I try to do this, the resulting measurements are way off. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

Answer: Follow this sequence to ensure that you properly calibrate VisionGauge® and save your calibration in the Calibration Toolbox:
  • To Calibrate VisionGauge®, select the "Calibrate" option in the "Command" menu. VisionGauge ® will ask you to measure an object of known length (people typically use a traceable calibration standard to do this). Once you've done this, VisionGauge® will ask you to specify the object's length.
  • Once you've calibrated VisionGauge®, you might want to carry out a quick measurement and verify that the measured value is indeed accurate. This will allow you to confirm that VisionGauge® is indeed properly calibrated.
  • In the "Tools" menu, open the "Calibration Toolbox". At this point, it's VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THE CALIBRATION TOOLBOX'S BUTTONS. If you were to click on one of the Calibration Toolbox's buttons, the calibration data contained in the button would overwrite VisionGauge's® current calibration and you would have to start over.
  • To save VisionGauge's ® current calibration in one of the Calibration Toolbox's buttons, go to the Calibration Toolbox's "Set" menu and choose the appropriate button (for example, if you want to save the current calibration to button number five, choose "Set | Button #5").
  • VisionGauge® will ask you to supply a label for this button. We suggest that you choose one that is evocative such as "50X objective" or "Max. Zoom In".
  • To ensure that everything works properly, you can press on the button in which you have just saved the calibration and then carry out a measurement. Please note that when you press the button, the message "New calibration:" followed by the button's label will be displayed in VisionGauge's® status box at the bottom of the viewing area. For example, if you have given the button the label "50X" then when you press on the button, the following message will be displayed in the status box: New calibration: "50X". Furthermore, when you carry out the measurement, the measured value will also be displayed in VisionGauge's® status box. An accurate measurement will confirm that VisionGauge® was properly calibrated and that the calibration is correctly saved in the Calibration Toolbox.

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