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FAQ #4.1: 

I am able to manually set all of the different parameters in VisionGauge® just the way that I want them, but is there any way that I can get VisionGauge® to automatically "recall" all my settings every time that I start it up?


All of the different settings & parameters in VisionGauge® can be saved in a setup file. The "File | Setup | Save As" menu command lets you save VisionGauge®'s current configuration to a setup file on disk and the "File | Setup | Open" command lets you read a setup file from disk. So, for example, different users can each save their own settings & preferences to disk, each in their own setup file. 

If you want to have your preferences automatically loaded into VisionGauge® when it starts up, simply create a file called "startup.set" - containing your settings & preferences - in VisionGauge®'s "Setups" directory. "Startup.set" is a reserved name and when VisionGauge® starts up, it looks to see if this file exists. If it does, then it loads it into memory. If on the other hand it does not, then all of VisionGauge®'s state variables are simply set to their default values when you start up VisionGauge®.

Also, in the later versions of VisionGauge®, the "General Preferences" has an option to restore the last settings that were used when VisionGauge® was shutdown. This setting restores the open windows to their last positions and retain your settings without using the "startup.set" file.

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