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FAQ #3.1: 

What are Editions & Versions of VisionGauge and how do I find out which Edition and which Version I'm running?


The different Editions of VisionGauge :

There are presently 6 different Editions of VisionGauge, each intended for a different class of applications. The different Editions of VisionGauge have different features and functionalities. For example, the most basic Edition of VisionGauge is the "Light" Edition and the most complex Edition is the "Motorized-Stage Configuration" which can control multi-axis motion systems with great accuracy. Some Editions of VisionGauge are for very specialized applications, such as VisionGauge HT which includes special tools specifically designed for measuring very accurately the micro-hardness of materials. 

If you contact us to obtain technical support, we will need to know which Edition of VisionGauge you are using.

The different Versions of VisionGauge:

We are continuously working to improve & enhance VisionGauge. Incremental updates, containing new features & enhancements as well as any bug fixes that may be required, are produced regularly (typically: approximately once or twice a month) and posted on our web page (see our downloads page). These incremental updates constitute the different Versions of VisionGauge. A Version is thus either older or newer than another Version. A bug that is present in an older Version has probably been fixed in a more recent Version. Newer Versions are also more feature-rich than older Versions.

If you contact us to obtain technical support, it will probably be very difficult for us to help you without knowing which Version of VisionGauge you are using.

How to determine which Edition and which Version of VisionGauge you are running:

To obtain both the Edition & Version information of your license of VisionGauge, simply run VisionGauge and then go in the "Help" menu and then give the "About" command. Both the Edition & Version information will be displayed.

If - for some reason - you are unable to run VisionGauge, then you can find the Edition written on the hardware security key that came with the software, and the Version number is written on the VisionGauge CD.

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