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FAQ #2.7: 

I am using a stage-based edition of VisionGauge® (i.e. either the Manual-Stage Configuration of the Motorized-Stage Configuration) and the version that I initially purchased & installed on this computer is older than version 6.15 (i.e. the number is "smaller" that 6.15. for example: 6.13 or 5.89). Sometimes - and for no apparent reason - the computer either "locks up" or behaves "weird" in some way. For example, sometimes VisionGauge® might not "come up" when I try to start it & I have to reboot the computer to fix the problem...

Solution: This problem is related to conflicting software drivers for your system's quadrature decoder board (i.e. the board used to read-in the stage encoder data to obtain the stage's position). Specifically, the problem is due to the presence of 2 (or more) different versions of these drivers being present on your computer simultaneously.

This problem is easily solved and it is not present in versions 6.15 and more recent. Here's how to get rid of this problem:

Step 1:

Erase the file "cbw32.dll" located in the main VisionGauge® sub-directory (probably "c:\VisionGauge") on your computer's hard disk. Please note that you should only delete the copy of the file "cbw32.dll" located in the VisionGauge sub-directory (if the file is indeed present there)... NOT anywhere else on your computer's hard disk.

Step 2:

It's never a bad idea to update to the "latest & greatest" version of VisionGage®. You can do this through our "downloads" page. You certainly don't have to do this,  but it's very simple to do and it can't hurt. Furthermore, it will provide you with all of the benefits of the latest features and newest enhancements.

Step 3:

Reboot your computer.

This should stop the problem from reoccurring.

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