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FAQ #2.4: 

When I startup VisionGauge I get no error message and everything seems to be OK. However, when I press on the "Live Video" button, I get the following error message: "Video input signal error".


This is due to one (or both) of the following reasons:

Reason #1: there is some kind of an "electrical" problem (i.e. the video signal is not reaching the framegrabber). Is the camera plugged-in & turned on? Is the cable going from the camera properly connected (and is it connected to the correct connectors)? Is the camera known-good?

Reason #2: Have you configured VisionGauge to use the proper video signal format? If you're unsure, follow these simple steps to start over & specify the correct video signal format (i.e. the one that your camera is putting out):

Step 1: Exit VisionGauge.

Step 2: Delete the file called "VisionGauge.cfg" located in the main VisionGauge sub-directory (probably "c:\VisionGauge\"). 

Step 3: Restart VisionGauge. Specify the same video acquisition hardware as previously, but take special care when specifying the video signal format. 

Hint: If the cable that you're plugging into the video acquisition board has a "BNC" connector on it, then you should specify a "Composite" signal format. If the cable that you're plugging into the video acquisition board has a "4 pin mini-DIN" connector on it then you should specify a "Y/C" (or S-Video) signal format. Otherwise, you might have an RGB signal format. If you're unsure, repeat the above procedure & try each one of the possible video signal formats in turn. This "trial & error" approach cannot do any harm & it will allow you to solve the problem. 

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