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FAQ #2.2: 

When I try to run VisionGauge®, I get the following error message: "Error! Dongle not found.", followed by "Invalid License - Permission Denied".


To be able to run VisionGauge®, you must install the hardware security key (a so-called "dongle") on your computer's parallel port. If the hardware security key is not connected to your computer's parallel port, VisionGauge® displays the "Error! Dongle not found." error message.

VisionGauge® may also display this error message if the drivers for the dongle are not current when using a version later than 8.00. Try installing the Sentinel Protection Installer and start VisionGauge(r) after restarting the computer to see if this resolves the problem. You can download the Sentinel Protection Installer by following this link.

VisionGauge® will also display this error message if the dongle is damaged. Dongles are damaged when they are subjected to unusual & excessive current (i.e. they are "fried"). This cannot happen by connecting the dongle to a computer's a parallel port connector. It can only happen by connecting the dongle to a connector other than a parallel port connector and on which excessive current is applied. All of this is described in detail in the hardware security key's installation procedure that came with the security key. If you have misplaced this installation procedure & would like to download it from our web page, please press here.

Please note that VISIONx programs & tests each dongle individually before shipping it. Every dongle is known to be good when it ships.

If you have damaged your hardware security key, you can send it back to us and we will send you a new one promptly. The replacement charge is $ 100 (US), plus any applicable sales tax(es) as well as shipping charges. Please contact us to obtain a replacement.

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