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FAQ #2.12: 

I am using a PixeLINK PL-A642 FireWire(tm) digital camera. I have verified that the camera and VisionGauge both work well on their own. However, when I configure VisionGauge to use the PixeLINK camera, the computer might lock up, or the software might crash or VisionGauge doesn't capture video properly (in all of these cases, error messages are being displayed).


We have heard about a few such "catastrophic" problems when using VisionGauge with the PixeLINK PL-A642 FireWire(tm) digital camera. In all cases, these problems were due to the fact that multiple - and incompatible - copies of the "MFC42.dll" library file were present on the computer. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

a) Search your computer's hard disk for the file "mfc42.dll". Multiple copies of any dll file on a computer are always a problem. This is especially true if different versions of the same file are present.

b) You should find one copy of the "mfc42.dll" file in the VisionGauge sub-directory. If you also find one in the Windows "System32" directory, then we suggest that you rename the one in your VisionGauge sub-directory to "mfc42.dll.sav" or any other different name (renaming is probably preferable to deleting, simply because it's easier to reverse). You might also want to reboot your computer (this is probably not required, but it's certainly good practice.) Then re-start VisionGauge and everything should work properly.


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