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FAQ #2.11: 

I have properly followed the instructions that came with the dongle, I have read and implemented FAQs # 2.1 and 2.2, and yet I still get the error message "Error calling function RNBOsproInitialize", followed by "Invalid License - Permission Denied" when I try to start  VisionGauge.


The dongle is another hardware device on your computer and these problems are most likely due to either a hardware conflict or a device driver conflict. These problems are rare, but we have seen them a few times in the past... 

You should probably download the latest drivers for the dongle from - Select 'Sentinal SuperPro':

At this same location, it is also possible to download the "Sentinel Medic". This is a diagnostic program that can help you resolve any conflicts with the hardware security key.

In the few instances that we have seen these problems, they were caused by incorrect parallel port settings in the BIOS (for exxample: the parallel port - to which the dongle is connected - was disabled). In all cases, the following suggestion from the above "troubleshooting" document solved the problem:

"If you are using a parallel port key, make sure your BIOS or MCOS settings for the parallel port are set to ECP, Bi-Directional, Normal, or PS/2, and if you have an option to set them to AUTO, ENABLE or DISABLE, set the settings to ENABLE. If you have a Dell Computer brands Dimension 8100 or Optiplex, you might need to set the settings to either PS/2 or IBM AT. Once the changes have been made, make sure you reinstall the Sentinel System Drivers."

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