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FAQ #2.1: 

When I try to run VisionGauge, I get the following error message: Error calling function "RNBOsproInitialize", followed by "Invalid License - Permission Denied".


To be able to run VisionGauge, you must have installed the hardware security key (a so-called "dongle") that came with VisionGauge  on your computer. The hardware security key is a pass-through connector that you install on your computer's parallel port. Like all hardware components, the hardware security key also requires some software drivers.

In the vast majority of cases, the Error calling function "RNBOsproInitialize" error message appears when the hardware security key's drivers have either not been installed, or have not been installed properly.

Please try again and follow the the hardware security key's installation procedure. This installation procedure came with the security key. If you have misplaced it & would like to download it from our web page, please press here.

Also, please note that the drivers for the the hardware security key came with the key itself. If you have misplaced the floppy disk with the drivers, you can get them from our "downloads" page.

In the vase majority of cases, this will fix the problem.

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