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FAQ #1.7:

Can I upgrade a PC running VisionGauge from Windows™ XP to Windows™ 7/10?


VisionGauge® and VisionGauge® OnLine are both capable of running on Windows™ 7/10, both 32-bit and 64-bit. There are a several of factors to consider when upgrading from Windows™ XP to Windows™ 7/10:

  • If you are upgrading just the operating system on your current PC to Window™ 7/10, you need to download the appropriate drivers for all hardware being used with the system. In some cases you may find that certain devices are not supported under Windows™ 7/10. Please contact our technical support with the details of what hardware you are using, and we will find an appropriate replacement to recommend.

  • If you are changing everything over to a new PC running Windows™ 7/10, not only do you need to make sure you have all the appopriate drivers for the hardware you are using, but you also need to ensure the new PC is physically capable of running the hardware from your current PC. This includes any expansion boards (e.g. framegrabber, decoder, computer controlled illumination, I/O, etc.) and the hardware security key (dongle). Older versions of the hardware security key are installed on the parallel port, and many newer computers may not even have a parallel port: In this case, we suggest contacting us about swapping out the parallel port dongle for a USB dongle. If you have uncommon expansion boards for modern computers (e.g. AGP or ISA) or if you need to try to find a PCIe version of a PCI board in your current system, we recommend getting in touch with our technical support with the details about the boards you need to replace.

It is encouraged to backup the VisionGauge® directory from the PC before performing the upgrade. You can restore this directory to the same location after everything has been reinstalled.

** Please note, If you have one of the Flashbus/FlashPoint framegrabbers, there are no drivers more recent than Windows™ XP. To upgrade to Windows™ 7/10, it is necessary to change framegrabbers. Please contact us with information about your current framegrabber, cables, and camera and we will recommend an updated solution.

** If you have a PCI-1720 computer controlled illumination board, it is not presently possible to use this board on a 64-bit operating system with VisionGauge®. It is possible to upgrade to Windows 7™ 32-bit, however.

** If you have an Aexeon framegrabber, please be advised that there is no DirectX/DirectShow driver for this device that support Windows™ 7/10 64-bit. It is possible to run the framegrabber on Windows™ 7 32-bit, however, or by using the TWAIN driver on Windows™ 7/10 64-bit in VisionGauge®. If you would like to upgrade to a framegrabber or other video acquisition device that is supported by VisionGauge® on Windows™ 7/10 64-bit, please contact us.

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