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Robotic Control Software - Robot Guidance and Positioning

As production lines become increasingly more automated, the need for precision robotic aid has become necessary. Our VisionGaugeŽ OnLine machine vision systems can provide accurate robot positioning and guidance. They can operate the robot directly or in response to a visual inspection through signals.

Robotic arms are the most used robotics application in the production line. Our systems can work to position the robot based on an inspection of the arm's working area, or they can be embedded on the robotic arm for on-the-fly guidance and positioning.

Our systems also have full encoder support and can deal with resolutions up to 0.1 micron. All of our systems are powered by our versatile and easy-to-use VisionGauge OnLine machine vision software which contains such features as:

  • Optical Character Recognition & Verification (OCR / OCV)

  • Count and Sizing tools

  • Color Verification in different channels

  • Presence / Absence Detection through pattern recognition

  • Laser profiling

  • CAD image overlay and comparison

  • and many others...

These features of the software can be used in robotic control and automation or a digital or analog signal can be sent as a result of the work done by these tools. There are many ways in which our machine vision software can help you in your robot guidance and positioning application. To find out more please contact us

VisionGauge Machine Vision Systems can provide accurate robot guidance

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