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Digital Optical Comparators / Digital Profile Projectors


The VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparator (Patents Pending) is
The Fastest, Easiest, Most Accurate Way to Compare a Part to a CAD File™

The VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparator:
  • Is much more accurate
  • Is much faster
  • Has a smaller footprint and uses less floor space
  • Is much more powerful

... than any other existing optical comparator.

It is:

  • the only comparator with "Auto Pass/Fail"
  • the only existing fully digital comparator
  • the only comparator that can be fully automated

The VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparator:
  • Works directly with the CAD data so that no overlay or template is needed
  • Can collect digital images & records with the CAD overlay and the deviations from nominal
  • Uses powerful & innovative patented and patent pending technology
  • Is extremely easy to use
  • Is shop-floor ready

500 Series Horizontal System

VisionGauge Digital Video Comparators / Optical Comparator Systems display a part's CAD file over live video.

Compared with traditional optical comparators, our VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators are competitively priced and offer numerous benefits. Our VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators:

  • Produce a very high contrast image with very sharp edge profiles so that there is no problem viewing it in full daylight
  • Are much more accurate
  • Allow the user to be much more productive and get more work done with a single machine
  • Have "Auto Pass/Fail"
  • Can compute and display the part's deviation from nominal and compare it to bi-directional tolerances
  • Work directly with the CAD data so that no overlays / templates / Mylars™ are required
  • Can be used to collect images (either with or without the CAD data overlay and with or without annotations), measurements and data.
  • Can also carry out fully automated measurements (like a video CMM)
  • Can automatically send measurements, statistics and data to Excel™ or other external applications
  • Have a smaller footprint and use less floor space
  • Can be moved much more easily and without requiring re-calibration (i.e. "rolling cart" configuration is standard)
  • Have a much greater optical depth of field, i.e. (everything is in focus all at once)
  • Have a longer optical working distance (i.e. more clearance between the part and the lens)
  • Allow you to compare a part to its CAD data beyond the optical field-of-view! (because the CAD data tracks the part and follows the stage motion)
  • Have LED illumination for very stable illumination over a 10 year life. No more bulbs to change!

Thanks to their advanced patent pending technology, VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators are much faster, much more accurate and easier to use than traditional optical comparators.

And while traditional optical comparators require an overlay (i.e. a template or transparency), with the VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparator everything is done electronically so that there are no more templates! You will never again have to buy, print, calibrate, verify, identify, trace, manage, and physically store & retrieve another template. No more template-related costs, delays or errors. The VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparator works directly with your CAD data.

No More Overlays!

And through their barcode reader and joystick interface, these systems are extremely intuitive and require only minimal operator training. The system can also be setup to allow on-screen measurements, to collect measurement statistics and to save the image of the part with its superimposed CAD drawing, etc, etc, etc...

And because they are fully digital, these systems allow you to collect complete digital records of the inspection and measurement operations.

VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators are very robust. They are perfect for both the shop floor and the Quality Control lab.

VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators are complete, ready-to-run Windows-based solutions and are delivered network-ready.

They are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. They have industry standard dovetail mounting grooves for easy part fixturing.

VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators are available with transmitted (i.e. back) and / or reflected (i.e. front) illumination. All illumination is LED-based for very stable and repeatable illumination conditions over a very long life (no more bulbs to replace!). Furthermore, the illumination is programmable and computer-controlled. Everything is done through a single simple and intuitive software interface!

VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators have power focus & auto-focus!

They are available in industry standard 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X optical configurations, in either single or multi-mag configurations. Many other configurations are also available. We can configure a system to meet your specific requirements!

An optional high-resolution LASER module is also available for depth & height measurements.

VisionGaugeŽ Digital Optical Comparators are competitively priced and have a very simple yearly calibration procedure that you can carry out yourself.

Please contact us for more information including a detailed spec sheet, a "Frequently Asked Questions" document, pricing, etc...

Digital Optical Comparator Stage Encoder and Bellows

Standard 12" travel X-axis stage with 0.5 micron resolution encoder and protective bellows around the 6" travel Y-axis column. All 3 axes (X, Y and Z) have high-accuracy crossed-roller movements for optimal linearity and positional repeatability and high load carrying capability.

Digital Optical Comparator Stage

Hard chrome plated X-axis stage, made of hardened tooling steel and with dual standard dovetail grooves for easy part fixturing.

Reflected Illumination Module
Reflected (i.e. front) illumination module

System in Vertical configuration with optional 5th monitor on the right side...
We can configure a system to meet your requirements!

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